The Grocery Store Series - Costco Edition

I go to the grocery store feeling like I am going to Sephora. I get very excited about what I am about to find that will make my routine easier, and I can spend H-O-U-R-S looking around, reading labels, and filling up my shopping cart with items I never knew I needed.

So just because I want to spend (really read waste) my precious time at the grocery store, you don`t need to. Part of my job is making my client's lives easier when it comes to food choices. And this is why we're starting the Grocery Store Series. Yes, I just came up with that. You are most welcome!

And to kick-off this fun idea, I have decided to start with none other but Costco. My intention behind this list is to give you ideas about shopping for healthier packaged foods. I have divided then into the following categories:

  • Pantry Staples

  • Perishable items

  • Frozen foods

  • Snacks

  • Other: Fresh produce

The criteria I used for building this list was based on the ingredients list that can be pronounced. I also wanted to avoid too many artificial sweeteners and sugars but didn`t want to exclude some treats. If you don`t know by now, Raw Piece of Mind Philosophy is founded on no restrictions! One very important disclaimer I would like to make before we dive in. While the Perishable Items list has some super convenient lunch and dinner options, this doesn`t mean that these options should take over your regular, healthy lunch and dinner options. Grilled chicken or salmon with roasted veggies is still your best choice for any meal. The items I sourced in this blog post will simply make your busy days a little less crazy. Let`s dive in, and happy shopping!

Pantry Staples

  • Coconut milk, canned - I love using it as a milk replacement for stews, soups, and desserts.

  • Spices - they have A LOT of variety so I figured it would be a good investment for the few you may be using on a regular basis.

  • Coconut oil - for anything and everything including your skin.

  • Avocado oil - a great option for all-around cooking.

  • Ghee - a great option for high heat cooking, melted over roasted veggies, coconut topping.

  • Almond flour - for paleo and gluten-free baking.

  • Apple cider vinegar - as a blood sugar balancing agent as well as a digestive tonic. 1-2 tbsp with warm water first thing in the morning.

  • Nuts - snacks, cooking, baking.

  • Banza bean pasta -Gluten-free replacement for regular pasta, more protein, and fiber.

  • Rao`s tomato sauce - a very good, clean choice for pasta nights. Pair with Banza pasta for a delicious tomato pasta.

  • Seeds of Change rice - convenient rice packets to make a quick carb serving.

  • Riced cauliflower - low carb lovers replacement for actual rice.

  • Quinoa - high protein and GF carb option. Great rice alternative.

  • Hemp seeds - high protein, fiber, and omega 3. Sprinkle on oats, and salads, add to smoothies.

  • Chia seeds - high protein, fiber, and omega 3. Sprinkle on oats, and salads, add to smoothies. Make chia seed pudding.

  • Canned beans - rinse and store in the fridge to use in salads, or saute quickly with spices for a quick, fiber-rich carb option.

  • Dry black beans - stews or batch cooking.

  • Wild Planet tuna - for tuna salads or quick protein option for a meal or snack.

  • Wild pacific Sardines - quick protein option for a meal or snack.

  • Apple sauce - sweet tooth healer. Great for low sugar baking.

  • Keto granola - when you want some granola but not much sugar. Always pair with some additional protein.

  • Sprouted rolled oats - for oatmeal recipes.

  • Birch benders Pancake Mix - Quick, paleo pancake mix. Low sugar, more protein, and fiber.

  • Monkfruit sweetener - a healthier alternative to Stevia.

  • Udi`s gf bread - Gluten-free bread option.

  • Dave`s killer bread - Whole Grain, more protein bread option.

Perishable Items

  • Almond milk - Dairy-free milk alternative

  • Fage plain greek yogurt - Creamy, High protein yogurt

  • Egg whites - Yolk-less egg option. Convenient high protein.

  • Eggs

  • Uncured turkey bacon - Healthier bacon alternative.

  • Organic chopped vegetable & barley soup - Hearty soup. Add chopped chicken for extra protein.

  • Chicken skewers - Convenient protein for quick lunch or dinner.

  • Sauerkraut - Smelly, gut-loving, healthy cabbage.

  • Uncured Canadian bacon - Healthier deli meat alternative.

  • Superfood veggie cakes - Great quick breakfast or snack, just add a protein like Canadian bacon.

  • Crepini Egg wraps - GF wrap options.

  • Sous-vide Egg bites - Convenient, quick, high protein breakfast option.

  • Kevin`s paleo Thai style chicken - Delicious, paleo protein. Lots of flavors! When you just don`t feel like spending hours in a kitchen but want a warm, tasty meal. Pair with roasted veggies.

  • Kevin paleo + keto general Tso's cauliflower - Delicious veggies. Lots of flavors! When you just don`t feel like spending hours in a kitchen but want a warm, tasty meal. Pair with roasted chicken.

  • Amylu Italian style meatballs - Convenient, quick, high protein lunch/dinner option.

  • Sukhi`s chicken coconut curry - When you just don`t feel like spending hours in a kitchen but want a warm, tasty meal. Pair with roasted veggies.

  • Dodoni Feta - Sheep`s milk cheese. Lots of flavor. Great for salads and charcuterie boards.

  • Fresh salsa - Healthy, convenient topping for tacos, crackers, and salads.

  • Smoked salmon - Great on toasted sourdough or paired with crackers for a protein-rich snack.

Frozen foods

  • Frontera Fajita Strips - Convenient, quick, high protein lunch/dinner option.

  • Organic, frozen fruit - Great for smoothies.

  • Frozen vegetables - Convenient, quick, side dish. Saute in Ghee (pantry staple) and add favorite spices.

  • Frozen cauliflower rice - Low carb rice replacement. Also great in smoothies as a fruit replacement, for low sugar options.

  • Keto ice cream bars - I wouldn't leave you hanging! But just have one ;)


  • HU chocolate gems - High quality, real chocolate; no dairy, no gluten, no cane sugar, no refined sugars. For baking or as part of your homemade trail mix.

  • KETO Chocxo Chocolate snaps - Fun, low sugar sweet treat you might enjoy after dinner.

  • Smart sweets - Fun, lower calories replacement for Haribo gummies.

  • RX Bar - The only bar at Costco that is approved by Raw Piece of Mind due to its short and clean ingredient list. Easy bars to have handy on the go as an emergency snack.

  • Moon cheese - low carb, crunchy keto snack. Great as a salad topper instead of actual cheese and/or croutons.

  • Hippeas snack - Gluten-free snack, made out of chickpeas. Healthier replacement for cheese puffs.

  • Skinny Pop - Good old popcorn.

  • Whisps cheese crisps - low carb, crunchy keto snack. Great as a salad topper instead of actual cheese and/or croutons.

  • Simple mills almond crackers - Gluten-free crackers. Very tasty gluten-free option. Love pairing these with smoked salmon and cucumber.

Fresh produce

If you have enough refrigerator space and know-how to store produce, you can stock up on great fresh fruits and vegetables from Costco. They have tons of variety between cruciferous vegetables like asparagus and Brussels sprouts to berries of all kinds. If you are shopping at Costco this is the part of the store you can`t miss. Matter of fact you want to spend the most time here and then pick up your proteins and pantry staples on the way out.

I will continue expanding this list as I find new items. Would love to hear what are you looking forward to trying the most from this list and what grocery store should we visit next! Leave me a comment or send a message. I`d love to hear how I can support your health.