Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching

Welcome to the no judgment zone

Full disclaimer

 This is not a diet-friendly zone. I hate to break it to you, but diets don’t work. As Integrative Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Health Coach, my goal is to help you improve your health, heal your body, work on managing stress and guide you towards food freedom.


Every client is different, therefore, there is no cookiecutter regimen that everyone can share. You are here for YOU and I am here to honor that.


We start with a symptom and goal discovery that will help me create a clear path about how to help you. Meal plans are based on your personal energy expenditure. Yes, that means how many calories you need per day. However, RPOM Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching doesn`t support calorie counting. Everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different, therefore, I use this calorie range to determine macronutrient proportions to guide food intake and target ongoing progress. The source (where your food is coming from) of the calories is way more important than how many calories it holds. When designing your plan, the focus is on two main factors:

No hunger or deprivation 

We will rebalance the food groups and serving sizes, and you may need to make some substitutions, however, the goal is to provide proper nourishment and learn how to replace disadvantageous meals with the ones that support proper hormone balance and provide energy.


Change we make needs to be continuous. While we may start with an elimination approach, our work together is built on principles you will be able to follow for the rest of your life. In order to maintain your new lifestyle, food, supplement and exercise adjustments we make will be appropriate and gradual.

We are in this together!

By joining Raw Piece of Mind Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching, you are becoming a part of an educational program that will teach you how to eat for optimal health and wellness. Lessons that you learn throughout this process should stay with you for the rest of your life and serve as an anchor whenever life interferes. I would love the opportunity to support and guide you on your health journey toward healing and optimal living.

*All of our sessions are completed virtually, and all supporting materials are delivered directly to your email.

Transformation Package

| 3 months |


Transformation Package is for anyone looking to optimize their health, lose stubborn body fat, or simply improve their nutrition & lifestyle habits. This is a three months process that includes educational and accountability elements and includes following components:


 Deep Dive Initial Session 


1 session | 75min


We will start with a full assessment and discuss your goals and explore your relationship with food and body image, including your diet history, current eating behaviors, and more.​

  • Review & Explanation of your Personalized Wellness Plan

  • A selection of the best foods for you

  • Personalized supplement protocol (if needed)

  • Sample meal plan template

  • Grocery food shopping guide

  • Timeline and progress reports

  • Unlimited email support


Weekly Accountability Sessions 


3x month | 15mins 


We will speak every week, on average*. These quick check-ins will help you stay on track and know you are not alone. We will discuss and find solutions for daily and weekly challenges, like recipes, social events, staying on track during travel, etc. 

Follow Up Sessions


3x month | 45mins 


Each month starts with an improved mindset. During these recap sessions, we will evaluate progress and make adjustments when necessary.  Each follow-up will have a topic of focus, interactive exercises, discussion and processing, and handouts to support you between sessions.



Food Journal Review + Feedback


| As needed |


If food journaling is part of your journey, you will have access to a digital format where you`ll record your meals daily. I will be reviewing your journal on a daily or weekly basis, on average*. 

Start Your Transformation Today! 


If you are someone who has been on a health or/and wellness journey for some time and now looking to take the next step towards optimizing your approach, then single nutrition consultation may be for you. This offer is intended for clients that are already very familiar with what works well for their bodies but need to explore ways to either improve their fitness performance, lose few stubborn pounds or simply continue implementing small changes towards their goal. 

Single Consultation


Program Details


Virtual Nutrition Consultation


Receive personalized protocol


Schedule follow up in 60 days  


Complete virtual consultation

A 60 min full assessment and discussion about your goals. We will explore your relationship with food and body image, including your diet history, current eating behaviors, and more.​ Most importantly I want to know - How can I support you over the next month.


Receive personalized protocol

  • You will receive your protocol within 48 h.

  • Your protocol is created based on your goals, symptoms, lifestyle, and health history.


Schedule 60 days follow up

Every plan needs adjustment and two months happens to be the most common time to plateau.

As an existing client, you are eligible for a discounted follow-up session to adjust your plan.