Hi, my name is Daira

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, Nutrition expert, and Health Coach who is passionate about body & mind, I specialize in finding the underlying root cause instead of merely covering up symptoms with medications. My customized meal plans fit the individual needs of my clients, whether to improve their overall health, change their body composition, optimize fitness performance, or just adapt to healthier eating habits.


Besides my formal education in Food Science and Nutrition, I spent time learning about the body on a much deeper level. I wanted to expand my expertise and learn how the environment, stress, toxins, and hormones impact our health and aging process. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to study under the guidance and mentorship of a wonderful Naturopathic Doctor who taught me how to merge Functional, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine into rebalancing and healing protocols. What started as a curiosity became a fulfilling career of helping others explore health and longevity. 


I believe everyone should have access to nutrition resources teaching them about how to take care of their health by utilizing food as a preventative measure. 


The optimal approach is achieved by creating a balance between what is realistic and what is desired. In my blog, you will find ways to stay healthy without investing too much money or time.  Life is challenging itself, the food doesn’t need to be.I`ll work to inspire you to create better habits for longer and more beautiful life. Everything written in these pages is what I personally do to stay well, so I promise no gimmicks and complicated detoxes. 


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I currently live in Washington D.C. with my boyfriend Steve and our pets, cats Bruce & Claire and our dog Willow. 


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